Summertime - L'estate addosso

Release date : September 15th 2016

Director : Gabriele Muccino

Cast : Brando Pacitto, Matilda Lutz, Taylor Frey, Joseph Haro

Screenplay : Gabriele Muccino, Dale Nall


Distributor : 01 Distribution

Soundtrack : Lorenzo Jovanotti Cherubini

Locations : Roma, San Francisco, New Orleans, Cuba

Germany in a day

Released : March 2016

Produced by : Indiana Production, Egoli Tossell and Scott Free

International Sales : Zodiak Distribution

Onda su onda

Release date : February 18th 2016

Director : Rocco Papaleo

Cast : Rocco Papaleo, Alessandro Gassman, Luz Cipriota

Screenplay : Rocco Papaleo Valter Lupo and Federica Pontremoli

Produced by : Indiana Production, Less Is More Produzioni

Distributor : Warner Bros

Music Publischers : BMG Rights / Indiana Production / Less Is More

Songs : Rocco Papaleo, Francesco Montefiori and Arturo Valente

Music : Francesco Accardo and Rudy Pusateri

Genre : Commedia

Location : Uruguay e Italia


Release date : December 3rd 2015

Director : Francesco Ghiaccio

Screenplay​ : Francesco Ghiaccio and Marco d'Amore

Cast : Marco D’amore, Matilde Gioli  and Giorgio Colangeli

Produced by : Indiana Production, La Piccola Società with Rai Cinema

 In collaboration with sky

Distributor :  Parthenos and Lucky Red

Genre :  Drama


Release date : November 5th 2015

Director : Claudio Cupellini

Screenplay : Claudio Cupellini, Filippo Gravino, Guido Iuculano

Cast : Elio Germano (Awarded Best Actor in Cannes, 2010), Astrid Berges-Frisbey, Elena Radonicich e Marco D'amore

Produced by : Indiana Production & and 2.4.7 Films (France)

Coproduced by : Rai Cinema

Genre : Drama

Distributor : 01 Distribution

Festival : Italian Cotemporary FF Canada; Filmfest Muenchen (Munich IFF) Germany; Shanghai IFF China; N.I.C.E. New Italian Cinema Event USA.


Release date : October 22nd 2015

Director : Ryan Travis

Screenplay​  :  Adam Lawson, Marco Cohen, Giacompo Berdini

Produced by : Indiana Production, Web Stars Channel, Pulse Films

Cast : Favij, Federico Clapis, Leonardo Decarli e Zoda

Genre : Action

Distributor: Key Films

You Can't save yourself alone

Release date : March 5th 2015

Director : Sergio Castellitto

Screenplay​ : Margaret Mazzantini e Sergio Castellitto

Cast : Riccardi Scamarcio, Jasmine Trinca

Produced by : Indiana Production

Coproduced by : Wildside

Distributor : Universal

Genre :  Drama


Release date : February 14th 2015

Special Event Screening at the Rome Film Festival 2013 hosting Douglas Booth, Demian Lewis and Julian Fellowes, scriptwriter Oscar Winner for Gosford Park. 

Directed by​ : Carlo Carlei

Cast : Hailee Steinfeld, Ed Westwick, Douglas Booth, Paul Giamatti, Christian Cooke, Tom Wisdom, Lesley Manville, Kodi Smith Mc Phee

Produced by ​: Amber Entertainment UK, Swarovsky Entertainment, Echo Lake Entertainment

Executive Producer : Indiana Production Italia

In collaboration with​ : Rai Cinema


Release date : January 22nd 2015

Italian screen adaptation of " Le Prenom" By Alexandre De La Patalliere And Matthieu Delaporte Produced By  Pathe’ E Chapter 2

Director : Francesca Archibugi

Screenplay : Francesca Archibugi And Francesco Piccolo

Cast : Valeria Golino, Alessandro Gassman, Micaela Ramazzotti, Rocco Papaleo, Luigi Lo Cascio

Produced By : Indiana Production

Coproduced by : Lucky Red and Motorino Amaranto

Genre : Comedy

Awards : Silver Ribbon Awards 2015 Best Actor: Alessandro Gassman

Silver Ribbon Awards 2015 Best supporting actress: Micaela Ramazzotti 


The movie will be screened in 50 italian cinemas in a unique event on September 23rd 2014

Prime time TV on RaiTre the 27th of September 2014

Italian Follow up of LIFE IN A DAY

Clips sent by Italians more than 44.000

Produced by : Indiana Production, Rai Cinema e Scott Free

With the Contribution of : Ministero Italiano per i beni e le attività culturali

On September the 2nd, 2014 Official screening at the 71° edition of Venice International Film Festival- out of competition

Silver Ribbon Awards to Gabriele Salvatores


Release date : January 2014

From : Human Capital by Stephen Amidon

Director : Paolo Virzì 

Screenplay : Paolo Virzì, Francesco Bruni, Francesco Piccolo

Cast : Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Valeria Golino, Fabrizio Gifuni, Luigi Lo Cascio

Prodouced by : Indiana Production

Coproduced by : Rai Cinema, Manny Films

In collaboration with : Motorino Amaranto 

With the contribution : Eurimages, Ministero Italiano per i beni e le attività culturali

International Sales : BAC Films

Genre : Drama

Awards: 7 David di Donatello Awards, Best Film, Best Script, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Editing, Best Sound.

4 Golden Ciak 2014, Best Director, Best Script, Best Actress, Best Editing.

7 Silver Ribbon Awards: Best Director, Best Script, Best Actor, Best Scenography, Best Editing, Best Sound, Guglielmo Biraghi Award for best emerging actor.

1 Golden Globe Best Movie.

1 Tribeca Film Festival Award to Valeria Bruni Tedeschi as Best Actress.

Italian candidate for the 2015 Accademy Awards' selection as Best Foreign Movie.


Release date : January 2010

Directed by : Paolo Virzì

Story : Paolo Virzì, Francesco Piccolo, Francesco Bruni

Screenplay​ : Paolo Virzì, Francesco Piccolo, Francesco Bruni

Cast : Valerio Mastandrea, Micaela Ramazzotti, Stefania Sandrelli, Claudia Pandolfi

Produced by : Indiana Production, Motorino amaranto, Medusa

Distributor : Medusa

Italian B.O : 7 Milion

Distributed in​ : More than 40 countries in Europe, US, Asia and South America

Awards : 3 David di Donatello
Best script, Best Leading Actor, Best Leading Actress, 4 Silver Ribbons, Best direction, Best Script, Best Leading Actress, Best Costumes.


Release date : 2007

Director : Marco Jorge

Screenplay : Luisa Silvestre e Marco Jorge

Produced by : Indiana Production and Zencrane Filmes

Distribuited in Brasil, Benelux, France, Portugal, Colombia, Spain, Greece, Finland, Canada, Taiwan, Australia, Puerto Rico, South Corea, Scandinavia and Baltic countries.