Indiana production

In business since December 2005, Indiana is a multimedia company with offices in Milan, Rome, Los Angeles and Berlin to offer full services ranging from advertising productions and crossmedia to motion pictures and tv, from agency services for entertainment talents and artists to publishing house.

The three partners are:
– Marco Cohen and Fabrizio Donvito, who have been working together in the advertising production field for the last 18 years.
– In 2009 Benedetto Habib joined Indiana Production as partner and financial director.

Indiana Production has produced hundreds of commercials and is now working on several cinema and tv projects for the Italian and International market.

We have finished shooting “Alaska” directed by Claudio Cupellini and “Il Nome del Figlio”, remake of “Le Prenom”, directed by Francesca Archibugi. We have also launched “Italy in a Day” with Scott Free and Rai Cinema, released both in cinemas and on tv during September 2014. 

The last film directed by Paolo Virzì, “Il Capitale Umano”, an italian-french co-prodcution, has been chosen by Anica as Italian candidate for the selection as best foreign movie for the 2015 Academy Award. 

In 2010  Indiana has produced Paolo Virzì’s “La prima Cosa Bella”, chosen as italian candidate for the selection as best foreign movie at the 2011 Academy Award. In 2013 “Romeo & Juliet”, presented at the Rome Film Festival,  has been released in the american cinemas.