All my crazy love

Gabriele Salvatores


Gabriele Salvatores on the road again to tell the incredible adventure of a father and a son going to their promised land. Based on the touching book by Fulvio Ervas about the real story of Franco and Andrea Antonello (Se ti abbraccio non aver paura), “All my crazy love” is a movie about the implications of being a father of a son you’ve never met before and who’s stuck in his autism.

Sixteen years have passed since the day Vincent was born, and those sixteen years have not been easy for anyone. Not for Vincent, immersed in a world of his own, nor for his mother Elena and her companion Mario, who adopted him.

Willi, who wanted to be a singer, without time and without country, is the biological father of the boy. One night, out of the blue, he finally worked up the courage to go and meet that son that he had never seen before, discovering that he wasn’t anything like he had imagined. He doesn’t know, cannot know, how that small gesture of responsibility is only the beginning of a great adventure, one that will bring father and son together, allowing them to get to know and love each other on a journey along the deserted roads of the Balkans in which they will have the opportunity to discover themselves, unconventionally, in an instinctive manner. And also Elena and Mario, who have gone in the search of their son, will be able to say all those things they have never said before.

World premiere at the Venice Film Festival 2019

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