Antonio Dikele Distefano

With Hamed Seydou, Abby 6ix, Geneme, Juliet Joseph, Dylan Magon, Mohamed Diallo, Marco Renna, Mamy Seny Gueye, Francesco Danquah e Mafoku Michelle Cloe Kengne, with the extraordinary participation of Gue Pequeno, Sfera Ebbasta and Ernia, and other well known rappers in the Italian scene. 

Autumn Beat is a coming-of-age drama that follows the story of Tito and Paco, two siblings who grew up in Milan with the same dream: to break into the rap scene and  be heard through music. Paco was born to perform while his brother Tito knows how to write lyrics like no other, the duo seems destined to success but their ambition, life and love for the same woman will test their bond in an emotional 10-years long story.
The movie is written by Antonio Dikele and Massimo Vavassori.
Antonio Dikele’s first movie is now available on Prime Video.

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