Mario Martone

Directed by Mario Martone, written by Mario Martone and Anna Pavignano.

Troisi: someone down there likes me is Mario Martone’s personal journey in Massimo Troisi’s cinema. Editing various scenes of his movies Martone wants to show how great Troisi was as director among our cinema industry way before becoming a great comic actor and to do so he outlines his artistic path from the beginning to the end framing him in the context of the years he trained and in the city the two directors share, Naples. In between the movies’ scenes some conversations interwine, these are not people that actually lived with Troisi, but artists that loved him and were influenced by him, artists such as Francesco Piccolo, Paolo Sorrentino, Ficarra and Picone, critics who studied him, such as Goffredo Fofi and the magazine sentieri selvaggi and two of the creators of his last movie, the postman, Michael Radford and Roberto Perpignani. The only exception is Anna Pavignano, who was writing the films with Troisi himself and Martone meets with her in order to explore the creative processes from which the movies came out. Anna Pavignano takes active part in the movie providing precious unseen footage.
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