Rocco Papaleo

With Rocco Papaleo, Giorgia, Simone Corbisiero, Angela Curri, Anna Ferraioli Ravel, Manola Rotunno, Eugenia Tamburri, Marco Trotta, Antonio Petrocelli, Giuseppe Ragone, Jerry Potenza, Elisa Gallo, Iacopo Velardi.

The life of Orlando, a piano tuner, is tormented by continuous back pain, but changes when he meets Olga, a charming physioterapist who diagnoses him with an "emotional contracture" and asks him to bring her a picture of him when he was younger so that she's able to see his change of posture and solve the problem. The unusual request will prompt Orlando to go back to his birth place and will make him live again the events that brought him to be the lonely and "contracted" man he is now.
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